5 Step Dead Sea Facial Kit

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Whether you're 22 or 82 your skin will 'Discover the Dead Sea Difference'™ with this incredible, Skin-Rejuvenating System. 

Due to a high content of Dead Sea Minerals and 100% Pure Essential Oils, all products in this kit may be used by All Skin Types. You skin will utilize what it needs from these products, naturally. These products have been used for over 15 years by all ethnic skin types as well. Our main observation is - the more the products are used, the younger, more radiant the skin appears.

Mineral Facial Wash - Deep cleans pours, removing dirt, debris and oils without stripping the skin.

Sensitive Skin Mud Masque - formulated for young, delicate skin under the age of 15. Tingling and redness or a flushing to the skin after removal is normal. It does subside, leaving the skin soft, silky and glowing with an angelic aura.

Hydrating Botanical Toner - There's NO 'Ripping & Stripping' your skin with our Hydrating Botanical Toner! Fortified with Organic Herbs, 100% Pure Essential Oils & Hydrosols (the aromatic water remaining when steam distilling essential oils) and nourishing Dead Sea Minerals. Aids with the removal of dirt and debris while preparing your skin to properly absorb expensive serums and cremes.

Max-Tox™ Serum - We named this serum Max-Tox for a reason! It's MAXED OUT with numerous good-for-your-skin ingredients! For the full description on this amazing serum, click here  Aids with relaxing of the muscles (topically) and plumping and filling of fine lines.

Mud-Lite™ II Mineral Creme - Our exclusive Mud-Lite™ II Creme contains over 40 skin-beneficial ingredients. For a full description click here. If you're searching for a Maximum Hydration, Dead Sea Mineral-Drenched - UNSCENTED Cream that contains organic, healing herbs - you've found it!


All of our Aviv International Dead Sea Products are FREE of worthless fillers, synthetic fragrances, petroleum by-products, parabens, formaldehyde, urea and other known toxic chemicals used in the beauty industry today. Each product is formulated with the highest content of Dead Sea Minerals possible. Your skin will experience what we call 'The Awakening-Tingling Sensation'! You're skin will Look and Feel years younger with every use.

Warning!!! Side Effects Include: Firming, Toning, Tightening, Shrinkage of Large Pores, Minimizing the appearance of Fine Lines, Crow's Feet, Acne Scars and Rosacea. Reduction of Black heads, White heads and other types of pimples on the skin. Leaves your skin feeling and looking Softer, Velvety and More Youthful, Naturally!!!